Dedication to a little old lady

This website is dedicated to the little old lady that stopped me in my tracks.

The other day as I was going to put on my ice skates for some pond skating with friends, I saw a little old woman walking her dog, she seemed to be sniffling so I gave her a wide berth, but she saw me and spoke up. “Are you from Vermont?” she said, yes I replied. She said that she had moved to new Hampshire and did not live around here. Then she said, “didn’t we elect a republican Governor?”, yes I replied. “Oh good” she said, “did you know we have a republican in the white-house and he is a fighter.”

At this point, I decided she was old and would be better off dying of old age than being murdered by an ice skate to the throat. I said nothing and walked on.

My mind reels at what these people think might be happening, by electing such a person. What can their world look like?

What I can see is the complete undoing of all that I have worked for, most of my adult life. I see the greed, the anger, hatred, the aggressive nature of this undoing. It is completely and utterly over the top and must be stopped. Less than one month into a contested presidency we have an all out assault on the environment, the dismantling of the EPA, full speed ahead on all pipelines, attacking woman’s rights, ban on religious freedoms, skewing of the supreme court with right wing appointees,and appointment of all kinds of completely inappropriate people to critical positions in our country.

But what is even worse is the press are not calling out this president for these actions, and his lies. These are all impeachable offenses, in my book.

One cannot appoint people to positions with clear conflict of interest.

To be continued.

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